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Our Fees

Finding the best available talent for a company is critical. Especially when you consider the cost of a wrong hire or the lost opportunity of an unfilled position. Not to mention the time and expense involved in a manager creating job descriptions, pre-screening resumes, interviewing, negotiating, hiring and then training.

Our services provide experienced professionals to dramatically increase the efficiency of the hiring process. All fees are based on the agreed annual salary and are as follows:

Up to $20,000 ....................  10%
$20,001 to $25,000 ............. 15%
$25,001 to $30,000 ............. 20%
$30,001 to $95,000 ............. 25%
$95,001 to $140,000 ........ $24,000
$140,000 and above ......... $4

Bonuses, guaranteed increases in salary, and/or commissions will be included in the annual starting salary. Part time employment fees are calculated on a full time, forty (40) hour , fifty-two (52) week basis. Fees are payable within 10 days of the candidate’s starting date of employment. Services are guaranteed on a pro rata basis. Please refer to The Guarantee for further details.

All referrals are made in confidence. The hiring company agrees to exercise due care to ensure that the referred candidate’s present position is not jeopardized, and that the present employer is not notified without the consent of the candidate. The fee applies to any candidate referred by us, for a specified or an alternate position, and employed by you or your affiliate, subsidiary, client company, or any other entity as a result of subsequent referrals by you, either as an employee, consultant or independent contractor, within one year from the date of last referral.

References, education, and certifications will be checked upon client’s request. Information provided from reference checks are answers to specific questions asked and not intended to be an exhaustive check of all employment, education and other background.