"Accountants Placing Accountants"
For over 20 Years in the Valley!

Most companies run an ad and interview candidates based on response. Maybe 20%, at best, will be qualified for the job - and that’s 20% of those who are looking. What about candidates who aren’t actively looking? The best candidate is busy working! The bottom line is, you are probably hiring the best of the worst. Accounting & Finance Personnel, Inc. has a better idea:

WHAT WE DO: We continually search for qualified prospects to ensure that the largest pool of candidates is available. Some of our methods are:

  • Interviewing daily
  • Networking locally and nationally
  • Receiving referrals from candidates and clients
  • Following and updating careers continually
We interview candidates continually to identify talents, qualities, preferences, experience, training, successes and work habits. We may or may not have a position for this person immediately but, when the right position comes along, we know it.

Accounting & Finance Personnel, Inc. is a proud member of the American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA), the oldest and largest association of independently owned finance and accounting recruiting firms. Utilizing this valuable resource, Accounting & Finance Personnel, Inc. is able to conduct nationwide searches, if necessary, on your behalf.

For each prospect we conduct the following:

  1. Test: We test all non-degreed personnel to evaluate skills and compare the scores to our collected data from past successful placements to ensure abilities.
  2. Interview: Using our accounting knowledge to screen candidates on technical ability, we are able to accurately gauge a potential applicants’ qualifications. Because we never interview for a specific position, prospects provide candid employment preferences - not the answers they think you want to hear or those adapted to a specific job description.
  3. References: We verify references from an accounting point of view. We listen to determine the real depth of an applicant’s skills. We have the ability to get past that “good reference” to an honest assessment of the candidate.
  4. Track Careers: The chance that the perfect person is looking at the same time you are looking is remote. Because Accounting & Finance Personnel, Inc. tracks candidate promotions, raises, and relocation, we know where that perfect person is when you need them.